September 25, 2022

Elsa Aguirre: 12 Super Rare Facts On The Golden Mexican Film Actress!

Elsa Aguirre

Elsa Aguirre is one of the most representative figures of Mexican national cinema and she’s a beloved diva who carried her role as a leading actress with greater dignity. She will turn 92 this year in 2022, and what a life she has led. But many don’t know that Elsa Aguirre grew up as a very shy girl and rarely left her house, which would later bring her internal conflicts of insecurity. Let’s look at some more interesting things about this legendary actress. 

Elsa Aguirre: From Purposely Kissing Pedro Infante To Yoga, 12 Hidden Secrets! 

1. Elsa Aguirre would screw up on purpose to kiss Pedro Infante:

Elsa Aguirre purposely made the wrong kiss scenes with Pedro Infante, in order to repeat the scene and to continue kissing him. The curious thing, to Elsa’s good luck, is that during this same scene there were always technical failures: a short circuit, a broken reflector, etc., and the scene was repeated.

2. She was only 18 years old when she fell in love with Jorge Negrete:

In an interview on TV, Elisa confessed that she not only worked with Negrete but also had an affair that the actress herself would end one fateful day. 

“I was very young […] I was very young for him; Well, he was already many years older than me when it was Lluvia Roja, so everyone came to ask for autographs except me. With all his delicacy and all that manner and demeanor he had told me ‘you allow me to be your boyfriend, he even talked to my mom and took us to the restaurant to eat. Whenever Jorge came he would call me ‘my little girl, with great affection he would always sing in my ear, he would serenade me; he really did everything he could to make me fall at his feet, ”said the actress about the relationship.

Even though Elsa Aguirre was 18 years old and the “El Rapto” star was more than 30, their relationship ended because he wanted her to read so that she would be more educated. 

3. Jorge Negrete didn’t give her flowers, he gave books:

Elsa Aguirre ended her sentimental relationship with Jorge Negrete, nothing more for the simple fact that he never gave her flowers or chocolates, in addition to the enormous age difference between the two. Instead, Jorge gave her books, ending up boring her.

Elsa Aguirre reported that despite the fact that the relationship materialized and was very nice, asking to read books was not the behavior of “normal boyfriends”, since if she had wanted someone to make her read and that was what her dates were about, she would have preferred to have a teacher.

“He very gently brought me a book for me to read and later, I guess, we’ll discuss it. But I didn’t read it. I saw my sister Alba reading, she was the only one in my family who read and I don’t know why but I saw her read. Then he continued sending books and, well, she read them less and ‘now what am I going to tell him, I didn’t read them ha, ha, ha’. 

He kept sending one and another and another until one day the actress told her mother: “Tell him that I don’t want to talk to him anymore”, the actress confessed. Just a year later, Negrete married María Félix and died eight months later. 

4. Why did Elsa Aguirre retire from acting early?

Elsa Aguirre, who received the festival’s Silver Mayahuel Award for Mexican Cinema, has dozens of films to her credit, most of them made over the course of 12 years, when she was just a young girl under 28. The actress decided to retire from the cinema for a while because she felt that she did not have a life of her own and that she was living it through her characters. 

5. She has been practicing yoga for 60 years: 

José Rafael Estrada Valero, her third husband and yoga teacher, introduced her to the art of yoga. From the beginning of the seventies, Elsa embraced the disciplines of vegetarianism and yoga. This has greatly contributed to preserving her beauty, helping her to appear younger than her real age, and offering the public an image of health and well-being. This image has made her famous in Mexico, to the extent that she has even dedicated herself to participating in conferences on yoga, vegetarian food, and her secrets to preserve the beauty that has characterized her so much.  

Elsa Aguirre has also been inclined towards astrology and Eastern philosophies, probably influenced by her father, who practiced Freemasonry. Elsa Aguirre has stated on several occasions that these disciplines have helped her balance her artistic career with her private life.

6. Thus, she is more spiritual than most actresses:

Despite the fact that Aguirre has been looked at outwardly as a beautiful actress in Mexican cinema, she dedicated herself to cultivating her inner spirituality and making a life path that is further away from the most frivolous or superficial aspects that could exist in people who are dedicated to cinema. She has enormous emotional, spiritual and physical strength. This tranquil, spiritual way of being has presumably helped the actress find her way through a life marked by tragedy, with three marriages that lasted just one year and a son who passed away when he was very young. 

7. Elsa Aguirre is active on social media: 

Elsa Aguirre is considered one of the most beautiful women of her time. In fact, there was a contest held last year and social media fans ranked her as one of the greatest icons of Mexican cinema, even above figures such as Dolores de Río and María Felix, with whom she shared the screen, for her beauty and her acting talent.

This must have greatly pleased the actress who remains active on social networks , where she constantly shares photos of herself and her life, as well as the memories she has of the time she worked as an actress.

Elsa celebrated her anniversary in September of 2020, writing:: “My greatest award or my greatest tribute in life is knowing that my films people enjoy them, feel them, live them as if it were the first time they see it because in each of my films I left my heart That is the best recognition I can have.”

8. Elsa Aguirre is originally from Chihuahua:

The actress was born in Chihuahua, Mexico on September 25, 1931. Her father, who was a soldier, named her Elsa Irma Aguirre Juárez. Her siblings are called Hilda, Mario, Alma Rosa, and Jesus.

Elsa Aguirre has been perhaps the only Mexican artist to literally move an entire army. On a certain occasion at the height of her career and beauty, when she was going to appear to sing at the facilities of a radio station in her hometown of Chihuahua, there was a sea of  people, admirers who, due to their emotion and euphoria, would not let pass. The police had to intervene without success. There were such a large number of people that an influential politician who was there communicated by phone with an army general, who quickly mobilized a platoon. The soldiers managed to form fences opening a narrow path to allow free access to the artist. According to witnesses, up to five streets were closed because such was the crowd that wanted to be close to the star. According to the statements of the witnesses about the actress, it is that her mere presence was imposing, overflowing with emotion the attendees. 

9. Elsa Aguirre’s three marriages and love interests over the years:

Elsa publicly declared several times that she had secret crushes for Pedro Infante and Luis Aguilar, but she never dared to reveal them, because they were engaged or married, and Elsa respected this sanctity of marriage. Elsa also had a brief and little-known sentimental relationship with Eulalio “Piporro” Gonzalez. 

Armando Rodríguez Morado

She had 3 marriages, the first being Armando Rodríguez Morado from whose relationship her only son was born: Hugo, who died in a car accident when he was barely thirty years old. 

José Bolaños

After Elsa and Armando divorced, she wed filmmaker José Bolaños, who became famous for having been Marilyn Monroe’s Mexican lover.

José Rafael Estrada Valero

After her second failed marriage, the Mexican legend decides to marry for the third time, this time with a yoga teacher named José Rafael Estrada Valero, whom the tabloid press confused with another yoga teacher named José Manuel Estrada Vázquez. This confusion was due to the similarity of the names and above all because he was also Elsa’s yoga teacher.

10. Elsa Aguirre was a shy kid but grew up quickly:

Despite growing up as a shy, recluse girl, she has enormous beauty and this is how her trajectory began.  

No one imagined that this shy girl would become one of the most sensual actresses in Mexican cinema and that she would manage to play some characters with a strong character. In fact, her mother was the one who supported her to enter the world of cinema. 

She got her start in movies casually by winning a beauty pageant when she was still a teenage high school student; From there, she and her sister Alma Rosa (who would also go on to become an actress), would be selected to participate in her first film project in the year 1945, a comedy and science fiction film entitled El Sexo Fuerte, directed by Emilio Gómez Muriel. 

The Chihuahua native who was blessed with immense beauty and sensuality, impressed producers and directors, who immediately offered her increasingly important roles in films. She began to act alongside Pedro Infante in the movie “Beware of Love” and with James Dean in “Giant”. 

Growing up shy, Elsa Aguirre studied acting, but the introvert landed a career that forced her to come out of her shell. Elsa is considered one of the great icons of the golden age of Mexican cinema. Many believed that her beauty and sensuality overshadowed even figures of the stature of Silvia Pinal and María Félix. 

11. Elsa was not just a film actress, she was on TV and plays as well: 

In addition to acting in films, Elsa Aguirre has also appeared in Mexican playwrights and theater. Amongst her outstanding plays are Cada que su vida De Ella ( 2005 ) by Luis G. Basurto, La ronda de la hechizada ( 1967 ), and La dama de la luna rojo ( 1969 ). 

In 1962, Elsa made her television debut at the invitation of actor and producer Ernesto Alonso to participate in a series called Las mummies de Guanajuato. In 1968, Elsa acted in another Ernesto Alonso television production, but this time in a series called Leyendas de México. 

Elsa Aguirre’s artistic talent is also singing.

12. A 92-year-old legacy:

Elsa Aguirre is recognized for being one of the last actresses of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and her participation in some of the films that are considered classics to date, such as Acapulco (1951), Four nights with you (1951), Singing love is born (1953), Beware of love (1954), in the latter she shared credits with Pedro Infante. 

Due to her great career, her enormous talent, and extraordinary beauty, Elsa is and will continue to be one of the greatest figures of acting in Mexico. 

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