February 4, 2023

Erik Per Sullivan’s Popular Movies and Television Shows

Erik Per Sullivan

Erik Per Sullivan was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, on July 21, 1991, to Ann and Fred Sullivan. He is best known for portraying Dewey in Malcolm in the Middle on Fox Television. When Erik acted for Christmas with the Kranks and The Cider House Rules, he appeared to be a potentially good actor with a great career. Sad to say, after the release of his last film, Twelve, in 2010, we stopped seeing him in the film industry. Along with many other well-known Hollywood celebrities, Erik Per Sullivan unexpectedly left the industry and simply disappeared. Though, we can still see him act in some of his greatest movies and television shows listed below.

The Cider House Rules

The Cider House Rules released in 1999 was adapted from a novel of a similar title written by American writer John Irving and released in 1985. The story plot revolves around the pre-and post-World War II era and a young boy named Homer Wells who is bought up under the guidance of Dr Wilbur Larch, an abortionist. The story is about his early life when he was in Maine at the Larch’s orphanage till Homer leaves it and enters the real world outside the orphanage.

Malcolm in the Middle

One of the most famous television shows and the one which made Erik er Sullivan famous worldwide is Malcolm in the Middle developed by Linwood Boomer for Fox television. The show was first aired in 2000 January and ended in May 2006 after completing 151 episodes. The story is about a dysfunctional family starring Frankie Muniz as the lead actor Malcolm. He is a teenager who is a genius at his level and while he enjoys his intellect, he is been mocked by other children at school who refers him to as a nerd and clumsy. In the show, Erik plays the role of Malcolm’s younger brother Dewey who is smart, talented and concerned about well-being.


A 2001 psychological horror movie Wendigo was written and directed by Larry Fessenden. The movie starring Patricia Clarkson and Jake Weber is about a photographer George and his family who feels the presence of some dark forces in a cabin. They were there for their weekend celebrations in New York while being upset by a local hunter after hitting a deer on the way. Erik per Sullivan plays the role of George’s son Miles who have hallucinations and believes himself to be the cause behind bringing dark forces.

The King of Queens

The King of Queens is a nine-season, 207-episode American television sitcom that premiered on CBS on September 21, 1998, to May 14, 2007. Doug and Carrie Heffernan, a working-class family living in Rego Park, Queens, New York City, are played by Kevin James and Leah Remini. Every episode was shot in front of a live audience in a studio. The King of Queens’ last season ended with a double-length finale event, making it the last American live-action sitcom to premiere in the 1990s.

Arthur and the Invisibles

Arthur and the Invisibles, also known as Arthur and the Minimoys and Arthur et les Minimoys in French is a Minimoys fantasy animated action movie released in both English and French in 2006. The movie and been co-written and directed by a French filmmaker name Luc Besson. The story is based on the children’s book Arthur and the Minimoys and Arthur and the Forbidden City where Erik Per Sullivan gives a voiceover.


Erik first appeared in an uncredited role in the sci-fi film Armageddon in 1998, though most of his fans know him as Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle. A team of deep-core drillers were sent by NASA to stop an asteroid from hitting Earth. Erik Per Sullivan was seen briefly with a rocket ship during the film.

Finding Nemo

Erik Per Sullivan’s outstanding acting abilities are no surprise to his fans, but he also actually offered voice work for the popular animated film Finding Nemo. Apart from it, he voiced Mino in Arthur and the Invisibles, which was released in 2006. Finding Nemo is a film about a clownfish who is accompanied by Dory when he goes on a perilous journey to save his son Nemo captured by underwater sea divers.


Erik Per Sullivan played The Little Boy in a short film called Once Not Far from Home and Timmy in the 2010 film Twelve after starring on the show as Dewey from 2000 to 2006. The film follows a high school dropout who inevitably becomes a heroin dealer. However, he is shocked, and his life is changed forever when his cousin is brutally murdered, and his best friend is jailed for the wrongdoing.

Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks is a 2004 light entertainment film based on John Grisham’s 2001 book Skipping Christmas. The plot involves a couple who are determined to forego Christmas one year while their daughter is apart but manages to return at the last minute. Vic’s son, Spike Frohnmayer, is played by Erik Per Sullivan.

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