September 25, 2022

Jose Trinidad Marin: Where Is He Now? Where’s The Family?

Jose Trinidad Marin

The resurrection of Jenni Rivera’s life provoked a wave of updates and memes on social networks. For example, her youngest son Johnny celebrates his birthday with a luxurious party. Her daughter Chiquis Rivera launches her controversial book “Invincible”, where she reveals everything. Next, Juan Rivera strongly responds to Chiquis Rivera’s book. And, Angélica Rivera would be preparing for her biography series show. But what happened to Jose Trinidad Marin?

Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin Family: Where Are They Now?

We know that Jenni Rivera and José Trinidad Marín had a love relationship and he is her first husband and father of 3 of her 5 children. He is currently in prison for sexual abuse. We also know that the love relationship between them was always full of conflicts. The conflict that led the Diva of the band to report him to the authorities was the sexual abuse of his 2 daughters and his little sister.

Who is Jose Trinidad Marin? 

If you want to know what happened to Jenni Rivera’s husband, he was arrested by the authorities.

The relationship of Jenny Rivera and José Trinidad Marín is one of sadness and disappointment due to the issue of the sexual abuse of their daughters. Both Jenni Rivera’s brothers and the diva’s family were involved in this terrible scandal.

The culprit was the father – Jose Trinidad Marin. 

José Trinidad was the first husband of Jenni Rivera, with whom he had Jacquie, Chiquis, and Michael. Jose Trinidad Marin had sexually abused her daughters and Jenny Rivera’s own sister Rosie, she filed a complaint against him, but he managed to escape from the authorities and was on the run for nine years until they managed to find him.

What did Jose Trinidad Marin do? When was Trino Marín arrested?

José Trinidad Marín is serving a 31-year sentence in prison for sexually abusing his daughters Jacqie and Chiquis, as well as from his sister-in-law Rosie Rivera. 

Jose Trinidad Marin was sentenced to 31 years in prison after being found guilty in May 2007. But his arrest was a year before – the arrest of Trino Marín was on April 24, 2006. It happened on a Saturday, the fugitive was arrested in California. 

Marín was 43 years old when he faced the law, he had been hiding for nine years and although no details were given about the life he led, the subject was touched on a little in the Netflix series by Mariposa de Barrio.

Where is Jose Trinidad Marin now?

After several months of trial and different resolutions that were not accepted by the family, a judge declared Trino guilty of six crimes, including pederasty. Since May 2007, Jose Trinidad Marin has been serving his sentence in jail.

Jose Trinidad Marin has applied for parole for good behavior but has been denied. The defendant will continue to serve his sentence and will be released when he is 74 years old.

Trino Marín’s trial was relatively quick and on May 10, 2007 he was found guilty of six of the nine charges against him and later sentenced to 31 years in prison, this represented a relief for the family and children of Jenni Rivera, because in October 2006 he was released on bail.

At the moment, the only thing that is known is that Trino Marín is still in jail, and much has been said that his sentence has been reduced by half with an attempt to get him out. On two occasions he has asked for his sentence to be reduced and to be released on bail for good behavior but his lawyer has denied it, for the moment Trino Marín is still in jail.

The Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin Family 

Jenni Rivera:

Artistically known as Jenni Rivera, Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra is the real name of the American singer, actress, composer, producer, designer, businesswoman, and celebrity of Mexican origin, who unfortunately died on December 9, 2012 in a plane crash. With 13 albums to her name and fans worldwide, the Latin music singer has left a lasting legacy in the music business, and she has had two posthumous compilation albums and four live albums released since her passing. During her lifetime, Jenni had five children from both marriages.  

Jenni Rivera was Jose Trinidad Marin’s ex-wife.

Although it has been ten years since Jenni Rivera died in a tragic plane crash at age 43 in the December 2012 plane crash, her name is carried on thanks to the activities that her daughters and sons do in her honor. For example, Jacqie Rivera shared personal photos and also videos in memory of her mom. Jacqie Rivera shared a video of unpublished images of mom Jenni with her first husband as part of the tribute on her death anniversary this December 9. 

As you can see, nearly a decade after her death, Jenni Rivera’s two sons and three daughters are all grown up.

Gustavo Rivera: 

After the arrest of Trino Marín on April 24, 2006, Jenni’s brother Gustavo Rivera was the one who broke the news to various entertainment media, he had been told by Rosie who is said to have been in the place: “I wasn’t there, Rosie called me and told me he was under arrest. For now, I don’t think I have a bond or anything,” Jenni’s brother told the media. 

Rosie Rivera:

José Trinidad Marín was sent to prison for not only sexually abusing his daughters Jacqie and Chiquis but also abusing his sister-in-law Rosie Rivera. 

Rosie Rivera, a victim of her brother-in-law, recounted the first abuse she suffered from Trino Marín during an interview for Univisión: 

“Chiquis and I were playing with our toy Barbies, and my brother-in-law came in. He asked him to come out and he asked me if he wanted to play, let’s play love games and he brought a quilt. My brother-in-law started kissing my neck and touching where no one had touched me”.

In episode 66 of the Telemundo series, it is reported that both Jenni Rivera’s sister Rosie and her mother, Rosa Saavedra, were present at the operation, in addition to the character of Trino saying “innocent” in fiction. Later Jenni Rivera and José Trinidad Marín faced each other in the trial where he was sentenced.

As you can see, Rosie Rivera has been through a lot, before finding the emotional stability that she now has with her second husband Abel after she first married the man called “Andrés” in the Mariposa de Barrio series. At the age of 23, Rosie believed that she would be happy that way, however, she found herself in the world of drugs and alcohol, from which it was very difficult for her to leave after getting addicted to it. 

Secretly Andrés hurt her a lot and she came to think that her self-worth was nothing to her.

Rosie Rivera  was reunited with the Christian church run by her brother Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr and Fortunately, Rosie returned home where she met her second husband, Abel Flores, with whom she currently shares her life and three children, Kassey, Sammy and Elías live happily. She finally found the peace and love she had long sought.

As you can see, José Trinidad Marín’s sister-in-law had to face hell, especially in the area of relationships and trust which is explained in her book titled My Broken Piece.

Jacqie Rivera: 

Jenni Rivera’s daughter Jacqie Rivera is the executor of her fortune. Jenni Rivera’s daughter Jacqie Rivera premiered her single Hurt to mourn the passing of Jenni Rivera on her death anniversary. 

Jacqie Rivera sent a message to her father, who abused her: “I love you and I forgive you”. Jacqie Rivera shared a video where she talks to her father, José Trinidad Marín, who is serving a 31-year sentence in prison for sexually abusing his daughters Jacqie and Chiquis, as well as from his sister-in-law Rosie. 

Through her Instagram account, Jacqie Rivera shared a video in which she collected some photos of her father, José Trinidad Marín which lets Marín know that she has forgiven him for the sinful things her father did to the family. 

“This message is for the first man who broke my heart. Father, I want you to know that despite your mistakes, your decisions and the fact that you left me hurt me deeply, I love you and I forgive you”.

In the comments section, hundreds of Internet users attacked Jenni Rivera’s daughter Jacqie Rivera for granting her father a pardon, saying:  “Jenni would die again if she heard that her two daughters she fought so hard for are forgiving this monster,” one user wrote. Jacqie pinned this comment so that others could read her response which said: “No, I’ll stop you there. You are very wrong about my mother. Don’t talk about her as if you knew you knew hers, her heart. That woman is the one who taught me what true forgiveness is. You talk like you know her. Because she saw a series?? JENNI was my mother. And only her and me and my sister know what we felt about this situation with my dad, ”she replied.

Amongst her followers who understood her decision was her sister Janney Chiquis Rivera, who shared Jacqie’s video and wrote: “I can’t wait to see this video, I cried like a baby”. 

Michael Rivera:

In September 2006, the judge granted conditional freedom to José Trinidad Marín, after paying a bail of 1 million dollars, this caused Trino Marín to make fun of Lupillo Rivera in court, and his son Michael would go on a rampage against his father.

Jenni’s last child is her son Michael who was born in 1991 with José as his dad. Michael originally had his father’s surname, but it appears he now uses his mother’s surname, via Instagram. Although he may not be a musician like his mother or sisters, he is an artist in the truest sense of the word: he is a painter! He has participated in NBC and the NFL CANVAS Competition, which is set to “plot a path to Super Bowl LVI”. 

He showcased many of his amazing signs and murals, including the one he made for CANVAS on his Instagram. In addition to his paintings, he occasionally posts pictures of his adorable daughter Luna.

Chiquis Rivera:

Jenni’s first child better known by the name Chiquis was born Janney Marín Rivera in June 1985, when the singer was still a teenager. Chiquis’s mom Jenni went on to get married to her daughter’s father: José Trinidad Marín. 

Jenni’s eldest daughter followed in her mother’s footsteps and pursued her own singing career. She has three albums to her name, the most recent being the 2020 Playlist. Chiquis also made a career in reality TV shows, acting in several programs focused on her life. The most recent was 2018 ‘s Os Riveras, which she also produced.

For her part, Chiquis Rivera recounted for Imagen website how her father sexually abused her from the age of 8 to 12: “The kids were coming from the beach and when I went into the bathroom to take a bath to make sure to get the sand off me, my father came in and sat me naked between his legs. It happened at that place for the first time.”

Chiquis stated that she has not spoken to him since his mother’s death, as he did not offer condolences. On March 4, 2010, Trino requested for the first time the reduction of his sentence and release on bail for good behavior, but the judge denied it. A second attempt (which was also rejected) was made on June 26, 2013, this coincided with Chiquis’s 28th birthday. In 2018, the news spread that he would be released, but it was a simple rumor. Now the followers of this news are keeping an eye on when Trino Marín will be released from prison and if he will try to ask for his freedom again.

Just last year, when Chiquis celebrated her wedding with Lorenzo Méndez, the singer received a call from her father from prison and showed that over the years she learned to forgive: “He is my biological father. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here, “she said before the cameras of her reality show.

Fortunately, Chiquis and Rosie have been able to continue with their lives and have turned the page. Now  Rosie lives an incredible marriage next to Abel and  Chiquis has promoted her artistic career despite the fact that her scandals persecute her.


After José’s divorce, Jenni married Juan Lopez in 1997 and gave birth to their first daughter Jenicka, 23, in October 1997. 

Jennika proved to be something of a fashionista and beauty guru. She used to run a Youtube Channel, where she showed off some of her looks and makeup skills, but her latest video was uploaded in December 2020. Even though she is no longer a YouTuber, she still shows off some of her amazing looks on Instagram.

Johnny Lopez:

In February 2001, Jenni gave birth to her youngest son Johnny.  Johnny is also a musician and goes by the name of five (perhaps because he was Jenni’s fifth child). Johnny became bisexual in 2017 after revealing that he had been in a relationship with a man for two years according to People magazine.

Esteban Loaiza:

Last year in early 2021, it was announced that Jenni Rivera’s widower Esteban Loaiza will leave the prison where he is serving a sentence for drug trafficking. Now many wonder when Esteban Loaiza will be released from prison.

According to the information given by the singer Chiquis Rivera, Esteban Loaiza’s release will be in the month of August 2021. The ex-husband of Chiquis Rivera, Lorenzo Méndez assured him that he has kept in touch with the former pitcher and although he did not give him a day, he did make the month clear. Only in August of last year had the rumor spread that Loaiza would be released, however, he denied it. It should be remembered that Loaiza was sentenced to 36 months in prison and five years of probation. 

It was in 2019 that the Mexican ex-player Esteban Loaiza was sentenced to three years in prison and five years of probation on drug trafficking charges. The former major league pitcher was booked into federal prison on April 19 in San Diego.

Esteban Loaiza pleaded guilty to possessing 20 kilos of cocaine in August 2018, and admitted that  he intended to distribute it. Esteban Loaiza was quickly arrested after this in February by the police after a surveillance operation. 

The former major league pitcher was leaving the parking lot of his house, in Imperial Beach, on the border of San Diego and Tijuana, when he was arrested. A dog sniffed out the cocaine the Mexican ex-player was carrying in 20 packages in the compartment of his vehicle.

At that time, since the sentence he received of three years and five years of probation was less than the minimum prison term of 10 years, it was said that Esteban Loaiza had broken the law and the seriousness of the crime warranted.

So where is he now? Well, it only remains to wait for Estaban Loaiza to be released from prison to see if he gives statements about his time in prison, however this is something very unlikely because, during the seven months that the ex-thrower was under house arrest.

The former major league pitcher remained silent and both he and his attorney, Janice Deaton, declined to comment.

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