September 25, 2022

Nukâka Coster Waldau: Who Is The Former Greenland Beauty? 5 Facts

Nukâka Coster Waldau

A former Greenlandic beauty queen turned singer, Nukaaka Coster Waldau is googled a lot by fans of her husband: actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Perhaps by those who have a crush on the actor. Either way, they have 2 grown daughters who are following in their parents’ footsteps because Nukâka Coster Waldau is also an actress! Here are some cool things about the multi-talented personality! 

Nukâka Coster Waldau: 5 Facts On The Wife Of GOT Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau! 

The winner of the 1990 Miss Greenland beauty pageant might be better identified as the wife of actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, though she’s a star in her own right in every way.

1. A very powerful father:

Nukaaka Coster Waldau was born Sascha Nukaka Motzfeldt to her mother Vivi and her father Josef Motzfeldt on February 23, 1971 in Uummannaq, Greenland. In terms of her ancestry, she is an Inuit of German and Norwegian descent.

It’s not clear what her mother did for a living, but her father, on the other hand, was a former high-profile politician. Nukaaka Coster Waldau’s father Josef Tuusi Motzfeldt was born on November 24, 1941 and was a member of the democratic socialist and separatist Inuit Ataqatigiit party. Some of the positions Motzfeldt held during his tenure included Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs of Greenland from 2009 to 2013, President of the West Nordic Council, Member of the Greenlandic Parliament, Chairman of the Parliament and Chairman of the Inuit Ataqatigiit Party. 

2. Childhood and winning the beauty pageant: 

Details of Coster-Wald’s early years and childhood are unknown. It is not clear what school she attended, however there is evidence that she had a keen interest in modeling and acting from a young age. 

With the support of her parents, Coster-Waldau won the 1990 Miss Greenland pageant, which automatically qualified her to enter the Miss Universe 1990 pageant. The then 19-year-old beauty queen finished 19th in the run-up. The ranking of 19th position is currently the highest placing Greenland has ever achieved in the competition.

3. Acting career:

Pursuing her exploits in modeling and beauty pageants, Nukaaka Coster Waldau moved to start an acting career. She was a blossoming talent and became the youngest actor at the Danish National School of Theater and Contemporary Dance

The Greenlandic actress made her acting debut in 1998, appearing first in the drama Heart of Light and then in Vildspor. Nobody really knows why but Nukaaka took a break from the acting scene for several years before returning to appear in an episode of the television series Forsvar (2004). In 2007 she was included as a journalist in the series Forbrydelsen and she also played the role of Camillas Veninde in White Night (2007). The following year she made her stage debut in Polaroid (2008) before landing roles in films such as Eksperimentet (2010), Scavengers (2012) and Det grå guld (2013) among others.

4. Marriage to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau aka Jaime Lannister:

Nukaaka Coster Waldau is married to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, a Danish actor, producer and screenwriter best known for playing Jaime Lannister on the HBO fantasy television series. Game of Thrones (Since 2011). He was gaining fame after getting regular roles in American movies like Black Hawk Down (2001), Headhunter (2011) and A Thousand Times Good Night (2013). Her Primetime Emmy Award winning husband is not just a brilliant actor, he is also charitable and has since added UNDP Goodwill Ambassador to his roster after being named in 2016. 

5. Daughters with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: 

Together the couple has two daughters; Filippa and Safina who are both aspiring to pursue careers in entertainment, although they have decided to take their father’s side by becoming actors instead of singers.

One of Filippa’s works, a Danish short film entitled The Girl and the Dogs, was screened at the 2014 Cannes Films Festival. Safina played the main character of Simone in the Danish Christmas TV series Theo Og Den Magiske Talisman. In December 2018, the show was watched by more than 700,000 viewers, making it one of the most-watched shows on Danish television.

The famous family lives with their two dogs in their home in Kongens Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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