September 25, 2022

Reggieana Lewis: 3 Touching Facts On The Daughter Of Former Boston Celtics Player

Reggieana Lewis

Professional basketball player and American NBA star Reggie Lewis is buried in an unmarked grave in Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. He died from a  sudden cardiac death on the basketball court at the age of 27 years old. His wife and now widow Harris-Lewis is the mother of Lewis’ two children — Reggie Jr. and Reggieana Lewis. The son was just 2 years old when his father passed. But Reggieana Lewis wasn’t even born when her dad died as her mom found that she was pregnant with Reggieana the day her husband died. 

Reggieana Lewis: 3 Personal Things To Know About NBA Star Reggie Lewis’s Daughter

1. Reggieana Lewis was named after her father:

The sweet tribute to her father was passed on through Reggie Lewis’s last child as she was born just 7 months after his tragic death. 

2. Reggieana Lewis never met her father:

In 2020, Reggieana Lewis spoke to The Boston Globe. Her father who played for the Boston Celtics selected her childhood home as he and his family lived in Dedham, Massachusetts when the NBA star was alive. This year in 2022, she will be 26-years-old and her mom, Donna Harris Lewis was the bridge to her and beloved fathers memories. 

In an exclusive interview with the Globe, Reggieana Lewis’s mother spoke about the tombstone of the former Celtics great Reggie Lewis. 

“You know what that’s about, my children, you think about it, I was pregnant with my daughter and my son was 11 [months] and there’s been a lot from the time they were born and defending his honor and a whole lot of different things, but they really never got a chance to be a part of anything for him,” she said.

3. Reggieana Lewis isn’t ready to visit her dad’s burial site: 

A gravestone is personal and includes personal details which, at a glance, tells strangers and passers-by who lie under the earth. A Beloved Son, A Strong Soldier, A Wonderful Mother, etc are all things we’d read but in a patch of grass sandwiched between two large tombstones lies the resting place of the NBA legend, and that too, it’s incomplete. 

His grave at Forest Hills in Jamaica Plain is unmarked and for someone held in such high esteem, it seems like a crime to do so, but the reasoning is simple and bittersweet: it will remain unmarked until it’s time for Reggiena Lewis to say goodbye and hello to her dad. 

According to the former basketball player’s widow and Reggiena Lewis mom’s, a fitting memorial with a tombstone is about acceptance. 

“The reason why it’s not there yet is for my daughter. When she’s ready to meet him, then that’s when we’re going to do it. It’s that simple. People make a big to-do and that was explained by the family and explained to everybody but you can’t fight what a lot of people say.”

So does this mark or define the former Celtics great Reggie Lewis? Does it hinder his dying legacy? Not at all, a grave without a tombstone does not maketh a man, his 27 years on Earth did. 

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