February 4, 2023

Simple Ways to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

Simple Ways to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

These days, a lot of businesses employ guest posting techniques to boost their websites’ content, relationships, and traffic. The establishment of brand recognition, exposure to new readers, and backlinks are among the advantages for guest bloggers. But do you know how to write an influential guest post?

While guest posting is a robust content marketing strategy, you need to be really picky when selecting one from different guest posting sites to build a backlink. Even though guest posting is something that both bloggers and businesses search for, your goal should be to discover the perfect site rather than writing for arbitrary businesses.

The majority of opportunities won’t pay you for a guest post, but you still need to strive to write high-quality blogs. This is due to the fact that high-quality content will eventually bring more readers to your website and boost its ranks. Read more to know where and how can you get a good guest posting opportunity.

What is guest posting and how does it benefit companies or bloggers?

As per DailyHawker, Guest blogging refers to allowing someone who is not affiliated with your business or website to publish a blog or post on your website. Typically, a blog writer will write on subjects related to the company they are writing for, their industry, or web pages. As a guest blogger, you get to collaborate with other people in your sector or niche and receive a backlink that may bring visitors to your page to increase the visibility of your website. Some of the benefits you get as a guest blogger include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Site authority
  • Lead generation
  • Google Authorship
  • Exposure to a wider writing community

How to find a guest posting opportunity?

Google Advanced Search Operators

Using Google’s advanced search operators is one of the most time-tested and dependable ways to uncover guest writing opportunities. However, there are a few codes like “submit a guest post,” “guest article,” or “want to write for” that function properly. Finding reputable websites that accept guest posts is by far the simplest process. The technology behind it is Google finding web pages that contain the exact keywords within their quotes.

Furthermore, this method ensures that you are finding a website that is indexed and is famous in a particular niche since these pages have been ranked by Google on the first page and qualify as a popular site. If you are new to blogging or your site is comparatively smaller, you must opt for sites shown on pages beyond 5 which can agree to your guest posting request more easily.


Although social media sites are used by companies and bloggers to promote their brand, they can be used for finding guest posting opportunities as well. You will find various communities belonging to diversified niches on Facebook which shares valuable information about the interested communities. You can join them by accepting their terms and conditions but try to remain active to get good guest posting opportunities.

Some of the Facebook communities are in fact dedicated to guest posting such as free or paid guest posts, bloggers’ guest post shares, etc. It will be easier for you to find on Facebook using keywords and when online, use real-time messenger to connect website owners personally.

However, always look for the community which are relevant to your niche or industry. For example, if you are a tech writer, join the tech bloggers community who would love to share or invite you to become a guest blogger as compared to the food community who would be interested in sharing food-related articles.


Although Twitter is more like a microblogging platform, millions of people worldwide use this platform to share ideas and build new communities. You will find here communities who write both small and big articles besides offering guest posting opportunities. People also love to post small guest posts on Twitter which are attached to a hashtag for communities exploring the hashtag texts.

One more advantage of using Twitter besides exploring guest posting opportunities is building authority over the platform once you start putting niche-specific tweets or industry-relevant links consistently. You not just attract a particular community through it but also build an impression over the others. With time, people might show interest to contact you or ask you for a guest posting.

Author Bio Image search method

Once you become a blogger or a content writer by building authoritative articles and putting them consistently on many sites, you leverage the guest author bio section consequently. Because of Google E-A-T, you will surely see many bloggers using author bio in their guest blogging. The E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, not based on algorithms but on the credibility of the author.

One of the biggest impacts you get from the Google search method is the author expertise tag and ranking factor which are necessary for you to become a contributor to significant sites such as Forbes and Business Insider. Though, it is not feasible if your site ranking is low. But you can still approach smaller publications to create content for them and establish yourself as an expert. While writing with the experts in your field, you may get ranked in Google with time and your webpage may get visible on top search pages.

Infographic method

One thing which drifts netizens and internet folks the most is visual content. Writers prefer infographics because they cover a broad range of information in an attractive visual format with multiple points. Consuming visual content is far quicker as compared to reading a long blog post with many points. Furthermore, if the visuals are relevant to the topic, it does not take up much time for the reader. This is the reason many content creators pin the icons of infographics so that it gets repined multiple times.

Concerning guest posting opportunities, you can create infographic content that covers important points and reach prospective websites that can display them on their website. Once you get approval, claim a backlink in the author bio section or under the infographic in the form of a source link. This method works well as visuals take a lot of time and effort to create and when they are appealing, many websites quickly agree to use them on their websites. If you are unable to create infographic data, you may contact graphic designers or relevant publishers online.

Blogging directories and guest posting sites

In the past few years, many bloggers and content creators have already done half the work for you by putting their content on guest posting sites. All you need to do is find a good and relevant guest posting site on Google. You can also find them on Quora or Medium where many bloggers and website owners promote guest blogs.

Blogging directories is another resource where you can get guest posting opportunities. For instance, if you look forward to writing on food blogs, you may start approaching food blogging sites available in blog directories. One thing you must always keep in mind is trying every method shared above to get constant guest posting opportunities on new sites.

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