February 4, 2023

Things to Do in Mysore for a Great Experience

Mysore palace

Most of us are aware of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, two well-known tourist destinations in South India. But only a small number of us are aware of this hidden treasure in the Karnataka state, in southern India. Mysore, the cultural capital of Karnataka, truly deserves this title. This urban centre has culture, history, and a lovely atmosphere. Its genuine old-school charm and nice, welcoming locals make you feel more like a traveller than a typical visitor. 

If you want to explore beyond the hill stations near Bangalore, Mysore is the ideal place for everyone, whether it’s a trip with the family or a weekend getaway with your partner. Isn’t that the kind of thing that makes all of us happy? Here is a list of interesting things you can do in Mysore.

1. Visit the Mysore palaceĀ 

Mysore Palace represents the state of Mysore just like Eiffel Tower would be to Paris. This stunning structure, which dates to the 14th century, must not be missed. Walking through the hallways can sometimes keep you busy for hours. With an experience that transports you back in time, you’ll experience what it’s like to live in the royal mansion. 

Are you one of those social media addicts that feel a need to share every trip experience? If so, this is simply the choice for all those Instagram-worthy photos. Expect that it will be much busier on the weekends. Finally, the Mysore Palace will brighten your evening if you visit on a Sunday. After 7 p.m., hundreds of lamps brighten the whole castle. Viewing this beautiful structure from a different angle when the palace is lit up at night creates a unique experience.

2. Cycle around the city

What perfect way to see the city while also losing that holiday weight? You may either hire a cycle or take a tour by cycling (1,500Rs to 2,000Rs). Balmari & Edmuri Falls, KRS Dam, and Chamundi Hills are some of the beautiful locations you should visit if you decide to do it on your own. All these places are quite accessible. Make sure to start your travel by 7 am. 

When you ride along these roads in the morning, you’ll witness a completely different side of this historic town. This is a fantastic method to learn about the local culture of the city. Seeing everything in person for yourself while cycling by the streets. Instead of just passing through the city by visiting all the top attractions around Mysore or the well-known tourist hot spots, a cycling tour enables you to get to know the city inside and out.

3. Exercise your way to Chamundi Hills

Do not give up just yet if Mysore seems to be a little too quiet for you. Trek up to Chamundi Hill on gorgeous, somewhat challenging roads. You may inquire about the locals’ ways to go there because you can see this hill from everywhere in Mysore. This hill has roughly 1200 stairs leading up to it, where you can take in the beautiful view of the entire city. At the start of the route, be cautious of the monkeys. You don’t want to run after a monkey that took your mobile phone or your pre-stocked food supply. After your walk is over, refresh yourself with some fresh, tender coconut water.

4. Must have food in MysoreĀ 

Skip the expensive dishes and eat on a banana leaf for a truly traditional South Indian lunch! One of the top restaurants to check out is Mylari Hotel. a decades-old diner renowned for its lentil- and idli-based dishes. Here, you must taste the famous Mylari dosa! Enjoy this dinner without a fork and spoon to properly understand what is meant by the expression “Figure licking excellent.” 

Hotel RRR is another ancient eatery that has been around for years. This little restaurant, which is known for its meat specialities, is practically never empty. Despite the limited selection on its menu, every meal will leave you wanting more. Given the highly spicy and yet just amazing cuisine, be ready to eat off the banana leaf while having your tongue burn. They also heartily endorse Anima Madhva Bhavan as a favourite. A hidden gem for all you vegans and vegetarians, and a taste of real Mysore heritage. 

You may enjoy a dinner here just like you would at home because not a single dish is made using store-bought materials. a conventional, natural flavour that makes your mouth water. To fully enjoy this diner’s wide menu, be sure to go there on an empty stomach. If you want to try Italian food instead of Indian, you may go to The Old House. The personnel and ambience are both excellent, and the food is, of course, delicious. Here, their pizzas & bruschetta are a must-try. The restaurants are frequently among the best locations to go to in Mysore because of the amazing, mouth-watering cuisine they all have to offer.

5. Visit the markets in Mysore

Being silent and lack of activity is quite rare in Indian markets. Well, compared to the marketplaces in North India, those in Mysore are not just quieter, but also more colourful, structured, and relaxed. Don’t forget to bring your cameras when you visit these markets; there’s so much to see and simply watching the locals go about their daily lives is a sight in and of itself. These marketplaces rank well among the top attractions in Mysore. One renowned fruit, vegetable, & spice market is Devaraja. However, be sure to avoid scams in this area. 

6. Witness the artisans’ skill

Local craftspeople in Mysore are renowned for their mastery of detailed styles for wooden statues, rosewood inlay art, kinnal craft, embroideries, and block printing on sarees. One can join up for any of the organized trips and take in the fascinating manufacturing process. You may watch the famed Mysore silk sarees or Khadi cotton being made by local ladies if you’re interested in fashion and how your clothing is made. These sarees are exclusive to Mysore and cannot be purchased anywhere else. 

7. Lead a local lifestyle

Spending time in Mysore like a real native would be one of the conditions for truly enjoying your stay there. Instead of using Uber, one can ride in a tonga, a colourful chariot, to go about the city. Before departing, you must drink India’s famous chai as well as the delicious Mysore coffee, which is strong, black in colour, and intensely scented. Eat the unique Mysore masala dosa with a lot of chutney. Lastly, do not forget the famous Mysore Pak is a well-known sweet made from pure ghee and Besan that would undoubtedly melt in your mouth and bring back all the pleasant memories of Mysore.

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