September 25, 2022

Tina Caspary: Life And Career of The Incredibly Talented American Entertainer

Tina Caspary

Tina Caspary is a multi-talented American artist. She has enjoyed a successful career as an actress as well as a dancer. As her career has grown, Tina Caspary has also become a dance instructor. While her name might not sound very familiar to a lot of people, Tina Caspary has been working in showbiz for over 30 years now. She captured America’s attention during the late 80s because of her appearances in cult classics like Me and Mac and You Can’t Buy Me Love. In this post, we will take a more detailed look at her life and career. Let’s get started.

Tina Caspary: All You Need to Know

When was Tina Caspary born?

Tina Caspary was born on December 28, 1970 in Downey, California, United States of America. Her mother Brenda Caspary was a dancer while not a lot is known about her father Dewitt Caspary III.

Tina Caspary comes from a very artistically talented family. Her brother Dennis Caspary is an accomplished dancer and choreographer while her younger sister Dee Caspary does those two things and acts on top of that.

Who is Tina Caspary married to?

Tina Caspary married her boyfriend Ryan Cyphert in a private ceremony. The couple isn’t very public with its private life and doesn’t allow a lot of prying eyes from the outside to catch a glimpse. Tina Caspary and Ryan Cyphert have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl as well. Both Tina Caspary and Ryan Cyphert work for SHOCK. This company is famous for its intensive dance and filmography training crash courses which only last a day.

How did Tina Caspary start her life in showbiz?

Tina Caspary showed an inclination towards acting from the time she was quite young. Her naturally good dancing skills also helped her establish herself in showbiz. She made her movie debut with a small role in the 1982 hit Annie. The teenager got some other roles soon and went on to act alongside some big Hollywood stars. In 1986, she appeared on the TV Movie Combat Academy aka Combat High alongside George Clooney. She appeared in another TV Movie News At Eleven, landing her a Young Artist Award nomination.

Did Tina Caspary appear on Married With Children?

Married With Children is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. It was incredibly popular in the 1980s and continues to be popular today as well. Tina Caspary was the original choice to play the role of Kelly Bundy, the stunningly beautiful but dumb daughter of the family. However, before the pilot was aired, Tina Caspary was replaced by Christina Applegate and the rest as they say, is history. As per the producer, the role of Kelly Bundy was recast because Tina Caspary did not portray Kelly Bundy’s role to the producer’s satisfaction. You can see Tina Caspary in this clip from the unaired pilot and if you have watched Married With Children, having anybody except Christina Applegate play the role of Kelly Bundy just feels wrong.

1987 was a good year for her as she landed a supporting but featured role in the movie, You Can’t Buy Me Love alongside Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson. This role garnered her another Young Artist Award nomination for Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy Category. Two years later, she earned another nomination in the same category for her role in the movie, Me and Mac.

In 1989, she played a leading role in My Mom’s a Werewolf as well as Teenage Witch which also starred actors Dan Gauthier and Robyn Lively. Before she switched over to dancing, she made a brief appearance on the TV Show, Valley Of Dolls.

How did Tina Caspary start her dancing career?

As the 80s ended, Tina Caspary switched from acting to dancing. She also made appearances in popular music videos for artists like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Reba McEntire. She also appeared in some popular commercials. Around the same time, she started her five year stint as a principal dancer at the Academy Awards alongside Debbie Allen.

Does Tina Caspary own a dance studio?

Tina Caspary owned and ran a dance studio called Studio C in Downey, California.  Alot of today’s best dancers and choreographers learned their chops at Tina Caspary’s Studio C. She has also worked as a travelling choreographer for some time. She is a part of the travelling team of Radix, a dance company that runs dance competitions, lectures workshops, and offers scholarships.

Does a Tina Caspary have a clothing line?

Yes, she launched are dance-inspired clothing line called Katrina Activewear in 1996. Tina Caspary’s role in the firm is that of its lead designer and president. Tina Caspary was hosted by the Spotlight Youth Theater as a choreographer for The Rhythm Experience (2018-2019 season), which is the advanced performance company program.

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