March 31, 2023

Ways to instantly feel happier.

Ways to instantly feel happier.

Ways to instantly feel happier.

Some days go really well and some are not so much. If your day is taking a turn for the worse and you need to stop the downward slide, you don’t want to add to the stress by eating up your values for a disruptive break or an hour-long therapy session to get your mood back on track.

When you’re happy, you’re more productive and generally on an easier track to success. A down mood can distract you from your best performance and sour the relationships around you. Often, you can easily break out of a sudden funk without investing a ton of time. You just need a few tips and tricks to divert your mind to quality business. But all of us have a limit. If you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty and worry, it’s important to know that you’re not alone, many of us are sailing in the same boat.

1. Count your blessings.

When time is tough, people often lose sight of positive things in their lives. Some people spend their entire life solving those problems they are surrounded with. We usually feel stressed and out of mood during those stressful periods. You can turn things quickly by diverting your mind on those things which are going quite well. You can simply take a paper and note down the list of everything that is good in your life. You will definitely be surprised that your anger and stress will turn into a smile on your face. And time is not going to be the same it is going to change it just needs time to wait and watch.

2. Treat yourself to some chocolate.

If things are exposed and out of control, just relax and get some chocolate bar for you. The darker the chocolate you eat, the more you feel good. Science has shown that chocolate is a natural mood changer. A little dark stuff goes a long way in brightening your day, without adding calories to your diet.

3. Think of the people who love you.

When our mood drops it’s just because we feel alone. If that’s what you’re in the mood to do, don’t feel selfish for wanting to be alone. Perhaps the stress of the day has isolated you and left you feeling empty. It’s time to remember the person who loves you the most and just think of the best time you have spent together and with that memory, there will be a broad smile on your face. Memories are really powerful and recollecting them transfers that warmth of emotions directly.

4. Try to recall a quick positive statement.

There is no need to feel guilty or sorry for anything let things go on and on it is not in our hands that’s it, so stop worrying. Just boost yourself and your mood by reminding yourself how smart and unique you are. Daily try these mantras for yourself and get positive energy. It’s like: I am a good person with great intelligence and skills. I can do anything i set my mind to. I can and will learn from my errors and immediately become stronger, happier, and more effective.

5. Do meditation.

Too much stress and distraction can sap your energy and drop your mood.Set the timer on your phone for 45 seconds. Lean back, close your eyes, drop your shoulders, and focus on deep breathing. Picture the negative thoughts leaving your body through your nostrils as you exhale. When the alarm hits, open your eyes. Take 10 seconds to focus and enjoy the euphoria.

6. Don’t forget to make a thankyou list.

When there is no one to appreciate you for your good deeds you will defientely become sad. In the same way this is give and take relationship, you will get what you’s a chance to realise how much others contribute to your life and feel better about those around you.  So make a list of atleast 5 person who have done something good to you in recent days, dont forget to send them thank-you note or call them before the day is over.

7. Let’s have some dance.

Recently, I was attending a meeting where the atmosphere become so tense that has dropped everyone’s mood there, and suddenly one of the executive stood up and shouted “30 seconds dance party!” it’s sound so silly to me, as she was waving around with no music, but pretty soon i notice that everyone sitting there was having smile on their faces. It was a great way to get the blood pumping and energize the group.

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